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North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners: Owners Inspired by Simplifying for Others

Rudy and Erica Castano, owners of Gainesville’s North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners and A Personal Elf Home Maid & Concierge Service, recognize the busy world that we live in where you need critical services that you can count on.  Reliability, quality,  consistency, efficiency, are fair pricing are things that your business needs in every department.  North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners is committed to making things easier for businesses.
The beginnings of North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners  is interesting.  Several years ago when Erica Castano was charged with her consulting business and managing a family, she began calling cleaning companies to care for her home, just one of the many services she needed to outsource.  Through her research she discovered she would have to hire more than five separate companies to do the services that could alleviate her time. She decided her community needed a cleaning company that could handle more than just typical cleaning. Thus the A Personal Elf Home Maid & Concierge Service was born.

More recently, Rudy and Erica realized there was not just a need for specialized services for families, but also small businesses in the area needed the same extra customized, trustworthy assistance in addition to their cleaning needs.  They have expanded their high quality cleaning know-how to benefit the businesses.

We are committed to you!  Contact us today to find out how we could become Your Partner in Cleaning.

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