Q. How can I get the cleaning that I want?

A.  Communication is the key to getting the quality service that you want.  On your project we will assign a dedicated account manager to you.  That manager will build a relationship with you to learn your needs, and then implement an action plan that meets your needs on every clean.


Q. How will know how clean my facility is?

A. Not only are regular inspections part of the program here at North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners, but we also measure the quality of our jobs so you can see how we are doing.


Q. Are the products used by North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners  environmentally friendly?
A.  Click here to see more about our Green products


Q.  Will North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners  be the cheapest cleaning company?

A.  Probably not.  There are many hidden costs behind a low bid, mainly routed in not selecting, training and inspecting the right people exposes your business to more problems.  Those are risks we are not willing to take with your business.  We hire great people, and provide them with specialized training so you can trust the people that you allow in your business.


Q: What happens if something in our office gets damaged, broken or something comes up missing?  Are you insured?

A. Absolutely.  As a quality cleaning service, all of our staff are completely bonded and insured.  Furthermore, we require personal background checks, including for previous employment.  In any event, every safeguard is in place to guarantee your satisfaction.

Q: How easy is it to get started?

A. During our initial visit we determine what your goals are, and allow you to guide us on a visual tour to assess your needs.  Once your customized plan is in place we will review any updates as necessary. As a service company, we are willing to do whatever you need done to meet your specific needs.  We are here to serve you.

Q. Are cleaning supplies and organizing materials included in your service rates?

A. Yes. We will furnish all the cleaning supplies to clean your office.

Q. Can you restock our paper supplies?

A.  Yes.  That is your choice.  We can facilitate a supplier for you, or just work with what you have.
Q. What areas do you service?

A. We service business located in Gainesville, Fl and Alachua County.

TRUST the people doing your cleaning with North Central Florida Commercial Cleaners.  Contact us today to find out how we could become Your Partner in Cleaning.

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